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The Advantages of Using a Short URL

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You may have noticed them, the odd looking links that often accompany social media posts or texts. These clickable links generally do not look like a regular website URL, but they function in the same manner; they are just shorter.

On social media sites like Twitter, the amount of “real estate” available for a post is limited, and who wants to use up that valuable space for a long website address? The same issue can arise with emails and texts where a long web address often becomes “wrapped”, making the link look cumbersome and annoying.

Short URLs, or short-links as they are also known, were created to help get around this problem. Since their creation, short URLs have also been programmed to allow tracking of link clicks to enable the sender of the link to monitor where website visits originate. This can be extremely useful in analyzing which advertising campaigns are successful, and which ones are not.

The URL shortener, or link shortener world is full of applications that allow users to shorten longer URLs. Some of these services are free while others offer a myriad of paid services. The features and analytics that are available with each type of URL shortener vary greatly. With many of the more popular, high-volume link shorteners, spammers have also latched on them. As a result, many URL shorteners are now caught in spam filters for emails, texts and on social media posts, rendering them undeliverable.

Globatec Digital Integrations URL shortener, dubbed “G.U.S.”, was created to incorporate the best features of the most popular link-shortening programs such as custom branded URL links (e.g. gusim/mybrand), a host of analytics and, most importantly, resistance to spam-filters. GDI monitors the use of our G.U.S. short-link creator to ensure that spammers are not using our URL shortener to create annoying spam.

G.U.S. also has a very attractive range of both unpaid and paid memberships. Our paid membership plan starts at a low $20.00/month for our annual plan, or $27.00/month for our month-to-month plan, and offers very competitive features and analytics. To ensure that our paid members do not have an issue with creating short-links that are caught in spam filters, the paid membership short URLs are unique and do not mix in with free membership URL codes. This added level of security will minimize any deliverable messages.

To view each of the available features and membership plans, please visit our website at: